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Workout Whores

Workout Whores are the fitness models and pornstars perfect for keeping you in great shape by fucking full speed for hours to improve your stamina and endurance! See for yourself why physical fitness videos are so erotic and how the sexiest fitness vixens straddle the line between bodybuilding competitions and hardcore porn tube vids!

Bailey Resists Temptation Daily

Bailey Resists Temptation DailyBailey is a Georgia gal who loves to eat, but she knows how important her figure is. Every day she must resist all of the goodies her roommate bakes up, like peach cobbler and country fried chicken.

To resist the daily temptation she jumps into her fitness routine at the gym. Sure, there might be a yogurt cup or a protein shake around but after two hours of intense cardio and Pilates Bailey's earned it. If she doesn't get her protein at the gym she'll just get it from slurping down spooge in her next blowbang!

Kenzi Marie Missed Her Gym Class Today

Kenzi Marie Missed Her Gym Class TodayFew porn whores in history have enjoyed fitness instruction more than teen starlet Keniz Marie. She's out taking step classes, spin classes, Pilates, Yoga and cross-training whenever she isn't on her back letting a new stranger stuff his cock in her mouth, pussy and ass. Burning calories with coitus and adding lean muscle mass with free weights - no wonder Kenzi looks so good and never gets tired... even when a half-dozen guys spend the whole afternoon gangbanging her tight body!

Sexy MILF Gets Herself Back To Basics

Sexy MILF Gets Herself Back To BasicsBrandi is one of the top-rated pornstars in the business and it isn't just because of her vagina. Brandi's secret to success is her fitness routine. It keeps her long legs toned and her stomach tight. Maintaining a 95-pound body isn't easy as Brandi can tell you! Cardio, weights and hiking are her favorites at the moment. If you are lucky enough to catch her films you'll notice she has a tremendous ass and Brandi has squat thrusts to thank for that! Women everywhere should be putting pictures of Brandi Edwards on their fridge!
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